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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> and now, bbc world news america. >> this is bbc world news america. reporting from washington. celebrations in south africa, the miners accused of murdering the colleagues released from jail following a dramatic u- turn. nearly impossible as how the new u.n. envoy to syria despite his job in a frank discussion of the bbc. flames continued to burn in california and will introduce you to the four-legged firefighters helping to supply the front lines.
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welcome to our viewers on pbs and america and around the globe. there has been more violence in south africa as tear-gas was fired outside a gold mine near johannesburg. it comes just weeks after police shot dead 34 striking miners. at the first -- the worst violence since the end of apartheid. they are detained and charged with murder. public pressure forced prosecutors into a u-turn in the first group of miners were released. >> inching their way to freedom, dozens of protesters arrived in the clothes they were arrested in a fortnight ago. there are charged with the murder of their colleagues but prosecutors dropped the charges,
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setting them free. as families away, it is clear it could be just a temporary reprieve. the judicial inquiry has four months to report back. then the moment when the men were released. more of their colleagues expected to go free later in the week. for now, a sense of triumphant. colleagues joined the celebrations on hand and a score them back to the alliance. this has been an embarrassing few days. but today, assurances that an inquiry would not be open to political influence. >> it will not interfere in the work. including the prosecution.
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>> they have been burying the dead. the union representatives joining politicians at the graveside. talks continue to end the wage dispute with reductions along the volga. karen allen, abc news, south africa. >> a suicide bomber slammed the car filled with explosives into a u.s. government vehicle. at least two people were killed in the northwestern city. to americans were among the injured. hillary clinton has condemned the bombing and urged the world to stand against such an act of violence. i spoke a brief time ago with the former u.s. state department spokesperson. >> successful attacks against american targets have been relatively rare. how significant is this development? >> we don't quite know who was
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responsible and what their target was. there have been attacked before. the trouble areas where many extra mr. elements are located. there have been significant security improvements in recent years. one possibility is a wanted to attack the consul itself at this was a fall back attack. >> of the u.s. put billions of dollars of aid in the pakistan every year. how do you think that this incident will play until that dynamic? >> there is a war going on between various extremist elements. this is a manifestation of that ongoing conflict. the united states has been attacking these elements steadily in recent years through the use of drums and the elements are trying to find ways to strike back. a big maybe the timing is interesting because in the
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aftermath of the raid, pakistan- u.s. relations hit rock bottom. they're starting to improve, so maybe it is trying to rekindle those tensions. >> his id emboldening militants and pakistan? >> there is a dynamic between afghanistan and pakistan. the united states as tried to get some of these elements to negotiate a peace settlement and they have been unwilling to do that. notwithstanding the united states strategy to appeal some of the elements of the violence strategy in the political process, this war continues. >> can you tell us about the location of today's attack? >> is a major pakistan the city. and what makes it a significant is the proximity to the largely
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under-governed tribal areas. that is where they are based, where the taliban escape to in the aftermath of u.s. and international intervention. it is the remaining safe haven where these elements are able to operate not only against afghanistan, but in pakistan itself. >> thank you for joining us. >> opposition activists claim at least 25 people have been killed in a government air strike. these unverified pictures seem to show a rescue operation in the immediate aftermath of the bombing. they have knowledge of the divisions among the world's major powers have hampered efforts to bring an end to the civil war. speaking to the chief
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international correspondents. >> is the toughest of jobs to try to make peace in syria. the first convoy tried for six months and quit, calling it a mission impossible. when i sat down with the successor, he was not much more optimistic. >> i know how difficult it is at a nearly impossible. i can say impossible. but nearly impossible. >> you said you were honored but also scared. what are you scared of? >> i am scared of the weight of the responsibility. people are already saying that people are dying. what are you doing to help? and we are not doing much.
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>> the veteran diplomat has been one of the most experienced troubleshooters. he took out assignments like iraq, haiti, and let the dog. he needs time to draw up his own plan. >> i don't have a plan yet. i don't want to pretend that i have things that do not work. i wish it were possible via bouncing to stop the fighting. it doesn't work that way. dodge the parting advice was that the president had to step down. coming under criticism from syria opposition groups. they're calling for fundamental change.
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>> change is unavoidable. governments accepted have otherwise they will have problems. about how to resolve deepening crisis, and the past, this a blunt mediator resigned when he did not get the support he needed. if he doesn't get it this time, he doesn't have a job. for now, his job is to talk to as many people as possible. he is also lowering expectations to what we can achieve. >> i spoke in new york just a short time ago. and you think he took on what he told you was a nearly impossible task?
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>> he did hesitate for a few days. he had qualms about taking on such a difficult assignment and he had been in constant touch with his very good friend. he knew very well the massive difficulties. he says he could not say no. when i asked for more details he said perhaps a bit of vanity and an extensive -- excessive sense of duty. a 70-year-old who's been going to syria felt that there might be little he can do, but he should do whatever little he can in a worsening in a deeply worrying situation on the ground. >> you have reported extensively. what role did you see for diplomacy of both sides are intent on battling it out?
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>> that is the question and there are many people in the region and outside that say the united nations is irrelevant. mediators give a fig leaf to both sides. some have described the existential battle and opposition forces are in a kill and be killed scenario. he was adamant that said that he refuses to believe syrians are like that. even the serious have multiple identities, they will put their identity first. he admitted he might be a bit naive but he is opening -- and hoping that some time they will pull back from the brain. he wants to be ready at that moment when they say we want to talk indirectly or directly and we need someone the help us to do it. >> has been a year-and-a-half
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since the bar was removed from power. a six-month investigation by the bbc has revealed the apparent collapse. the government is doing all it can to recover those financial assets but egypt will take a written report to retrieve more information. >> they wanted freedom that they also wanted their money back. reports of the millions of dollars that were stolen from egypt helped fuel the revolution. egyptians believed much of the money was concealed here in the city of london where arab elites have long gone to restore their wealth. britain promised to help egypt recover the assets but a year- and-a-half on, only 85 million pounds has been frozen in using easily accessible public documents, the bbc has found
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that the government apparently best. this 10 million pound house was the london home for many years of his son. but it has not been officially frozen. the authorities mr. the investment company belonging to a firm that he park currently owned. it continued to operate for 11 months after dissolving itself voluntarily. they missed a firm registered at this chesley address set up by another egyptian of the sanctions list. seven months after the freeze in order against her. one of the city's leading asset traces is astonished. >> you are on the sanctions list. what are you doing? this lady is here in chelsea.
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>> it is doing what it can, but it can't back on suspicion alone. >> we have a duty to the people the ostensibly of the money and those that are pursuing it. we have to make sure that proper legal processes have been gone through. we will trace assets and return assets. we have no vested interest in doing anything else. >> the official responsible for recovering the wealth says london request helped by asking for more information from egypt. information's egypt says it doesn't have. >> of the british government is obliged by law to help us but it doesn't want to make any effort at all to recover the money. it just says, and give us evidence.
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is that reasonable? how can we search for money in the uk? >> incompetence, lack of political will,plscru pr scruples as f as egypt is concerned, london has simply broken a promise. >> still to come on tonight's program, on the eve of the democratic national convention, america's first black president changed the country. we will take a closer look. to friends and family -- is not every day you see a member of the royal family. prince andrew took on the challenge for charity. it took 30 minutes ago from the eighty seventh floor to the twentieth. he vowed, i will never do it again. >> high above the mitropoulos,
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virtually in the clouds, something extraordinary is happening. that is the queens side and he has stepped out of the eighty seventh floor of europe's tallest building. you want to know what it feels like? check out his helmet camera. his feet are sliding down the slippery glass walls and all of this, 300 meters above the pavement. it is all the duke of york's zone idea to raise money for the outward bound trust that encourages youngsters to take on new challenges and face their fears. today, he has been leading by example. he has been making excellent progress and for many of us, this would be terrifying. he seems to be taking his whole thing in stride. dr. back on the ground, relief. a promise fulfilled. >> this is not about me, it is
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about what we want to do for young people. we do it in a way that gives them a challenging environment that they can understand leadership and teamwork. >> the duke was among the 40 to take on the challenge and there are on target to raise more than 1 million pounds for outward bound. to causes that have moved here to do this. tomorrow the democratic national convention will officially gets underway in charlotte, north carolina. it is president obama a's turn to-his critics but whatever the outcome, the role as the nation's first black president will change and of the office
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and the country. the north american editor has more on the impact. >> and the paintings are about power, image is based onas celebrations of generals and interests. there is a critical difference. the artistic fantasy of a black man in the place of kings and commanders have been trumped by reality. obama really does command a nation and army. >> it has been conceptualized in terms of race. there are children and out of the age of four or five who will have known only a black man as the seat of power. >> parents will tell you how important he is as a role model, stressing nothing is beyond their reach. but the economy is less inspiring.
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in atlanta, life has gotten tougher. ace record of 36% living in poverty. but businesses are coming back. there is a swiss cafe and the heart of the area. people have to be patient. >> he focuses on middle america and programs to benefit the middle class. you have programs that trickle- down to the black community because we populate a large part of the middle class. >> far trickier is if obama has made the relationship between blacks and whites any easier. degeneration less haunted by the conflicts of the past. he bears the brunt of the attack. >> old suspicions diehard. many believe that politics have become so bitter and vitriolic
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in the united states precisely because president obama is black. from the joker to the lier, they often paint him as alien questioning his religion and birthplace. calling him the american. many people think that tells its own story. >> there is a difference of opinion and the difference of ideology on how the country should be run. how to improve the economy and have an opportunity for individuals. not racially motivated attacks, but getting to the core of the issue. >> rich with images of martin luther king and other icons, obama may join them as african- americans debate how much good he has done in power. >> we will have full coverage from the democratic national
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convention later this week. and controversy from the sports world. the columbia and the as blade runner has apologized for the timing of his complaint against the men that beat him in t00he 2 meter final. it revealed he won the race a fairly, but he says the length of s them an unfair advantage. it will compete twice more before the games are over. one of the worst wildfires in recent memory. thousands of visitors to the national forest forced to evacuate. the cost of firefighting is plunging the state further into the red. despite the california reputation as the home of high tech, it is a front-line of the battle against the blazes.
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>> daybreak in the mountains of eastern california. she is one of more than 20 mules husband is national forest facility. these animals have long been used to back of firefighters as they go in the battle of the firefighters of california. >> we want to take hoyle and change for the immediate needs for the location they are at. it can travel throughout the world and they can travel on certain terrain. it can get right up to where the campsites are working. >> it is a cross between a donkey in the horse. more than 1,000 pounds of muscle bred for hard labor. >> it has the eyes of the speed of a horse, but the agility and
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smart mess of a donkey. >> when the call comes in, the equipment is packed and animals are loaded into a trailer. it means the jury can take several hours. they can deliver supplies to firefighters in the most remote areas. there are dozens of wildfires currently burning around california. it is an ongoing and expensive problem for a state struggling with the financial crisis. part of the economic solution for firefighters. >> de immediate need for suppression dictates they will go towards a mechanized equipment.
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you have a massive amount of forest fires to recognize the equipment. we will be able to do that. they haven't coniston -- come to grips with the fact that they are available. >> he proposes to focus of his job and the animals that make his unique lifestyle possible. >> you turn the mules in the corral and you see the good shape, and no worse for wear. that is one of the things that makes me happy. >> of the challenge is to make sure that their skills survived for generations to come. >> who ever dared to suggest they are stubborn, these are being exceptionally helpful. remember, you confide constant
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